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‘Slovak Roma’ in Transcarpathian Ukraine


Beníšek M., Chovka V. ‘Slovak Roma’ in Transcarpathian Ukraine / FACTSHEETS ON ROMANI CULTURE. 8 p. (http://romafacts.uni-graz.at/view_pdf.php?t=culture&s=c_3_12&l=en)

Transcarpathian Ukraine is a region with the highest proportion of Roma in Ukraine. One of the local ethnolinguistic groups is represented by Slovak Roma who live in western Transcarpathia in an area adjacent to the Slovak border and in particular in the city of Uzhhorod. Slovak Roma in Transcarpathia can be characterised by a common dialect that is closely related to Romani dialects of eastern Slovakia, as well as by a sense of kinship links to Roma in Slovakia. After the introductory information on the Roma in Transcarpathia in general and on the Slovak Roma in particular, the article focuses on family and occupational traditions of the Transcarpathian Slovak Roma and briefly discusses civic engagement of their representatives.